Stone Imperial Russian Stout Pasilla Pepper BBQ Sauce

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"Dark, rich, and complicated." That describes our Stone Imperial Russian Stout - and we like our BBQ sauce the same way. Although you yourself needn't be dark, rich, or even complicated to enjoy this sauce, if you happen to be any of the above, perhpas so much the better. Regardless, come with us and venture over to the dark side...if you dare! Just don't waste it on unworthy food. For starters, we recommend natural/organic meats. If you use it on tastes-like-rubber factory chicken, for example, you will simply end up with tastes-like-rubber chicken with tastes-like-dark-rich-and-complicated sauce on it. And we ecpect more of you than that. Don't ever let us, or more importantly, yourself, down. We won't.

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