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Gourmet Foods Keep Growing

Russ Bruhn President of Carlsbad Gourmet sampling Sauces at the Fancy Food Show in San Diego.

Entrepreneur  predicted that specialty and gourmet foods would continue prospering in 2008. So far, it looks like that prediction is holding up. According to this article from, despite the slowdown in the economy, specialty foods continue being gobbled up. Here's some food for thought: The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade found that while overall food sales have increased about 4 percent over the past two years, the specialty food sector has grown 17 percent. "Historically, if the economy is bad, when disaster strikes, people buy food," said Lynne Barra, president of Paradigm Foodworks. Barra agreed with other foodies who say that while people may cut down on cars, boats or jewelry, chances are good that gourmet food will still be a must-have. 


Another reason specialty foods continue their upward path is attributed to more consumers seeking out healthy products at stores like Whole Foods. "The specialty business is coming of age," said Russ Bruhn, president of Carlsbad Gourmet, referring to the many consumers concerned about high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats.

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