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Carlsbad Gourmet Ruby Red Strawberry BBQ Sauce

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"Micro-Brew Bar-B-Que"

Carlsbad Gourmet's Ruby Red Bar-B-Que Sauce is made with a local micro-brewed beer . Using our unique "Tap and Trap" method, we "Tap" Green Flash Brewery's Ruby Red Ale and add it to our Bar-B-Que Sauce.

Then we bake out the alcohol and "Trap" the flavor of the ale producing a flavor that is truly unique. To top it off, we sweeten our sauce with the sugar from Carlsbad Strawberries. Other Barbeque sauces are sweetened with sugar or brown sugar.

The combination of these two local Favorites provides a taste like no other.

Try mixing with our Strawberry Hot Sauce and add a little kick to your Bar-B-Que. If you like it "HOT", add a lot, if you like it mild, add a little.

Ruby Red Strawberry Bar-B-Que Sauce is great on Ribs, Chicken, Fish and Steaks.

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