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Carlsbad Village Buisness

Russ Bruhn President of Carlsbad Gourmet, Inc. cooking it up in the klitchen.


Dec. 2004

Carlsbad Gourmet

“Play Ball!” filled the air as baseball was on everyone's mind. Not Russ Bruhn! While coaching his son's baseball team in July 2003, against a team from Kauai, Russ was wondering why Carlsbad didn't offer any branded line of local products. Before the game, the players and coaches exchanged gifts with the Kauai team and the Hawaiians had brought gifts from Hawaii. They included macadamia nuts, Kauai Cookies, Papaya-Pineapple Jam along with other indigenous gifts from Hawaii. This got Russ thinking about what Carlsbad had to offer, and it didn't take long for him to figure it out. Strawberries!

Later that evening, Russ began to do some research and discovered 83% of the strawberries in the nation come from California and 10% of those strawberries come from Carlsbad. Carlsbad has the best tasting strawberries in the world. The strawberries on the market today come from Watsonville, CA. where 50% of the nations strawberries are grown. Watsonville grows the Diamante variety, they are grown in the fall, the inside is white, and not very juicy. Carlsbad grows the Camarosa variety, they are grown in the spring, they are red inside, and juicy as can be. And the combination of Carlsbad's warm summer days and cool foggy night, provide a unique environment for growing very delicious strawberries.

After attending the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Russ began studying recipes and through rigorous testing came up with his first jar of strawberry spread, which was sold at the Flower Fields in March eight months ago. He hasn't stopped expanding his line of strawberry products since. Carlsbad Gourmet's line of products include the original Strawberry Spread, Strawberry Lavender Spread, Strawberry Pecan Spread, Strawberry Black Walnut Spread, Strawberry Pomegranate Spread, Strawberry Hot Sauce, and Ruby Red Strawberry Bar-B-Que Sauce. All made from Fresh Carlsbad strawberries. Russ is currently testing a Strawberry Olive Oil and putting the finishing touch on his line of strawberry salad dressings he plans on launching next spring.

Carlsbad Gourmet products offer a unique gift idea for Carlsbad residence because now they are able to give a gift that is “Pure Carlsbad!” Look for Russ and his Carlsbad Gourmet line of strawberry products every Wednesday at the Carlsbad Farmers' Market. Also, look for his line of products at more than a dozen locations throughout Carlsbad and San Diego County. For more information about Carlsbad Gourmet or to order Carlsbad Gourmet Products, visit the website at

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