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Carlsbad Gourmet Strawberry Hot Sauce

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"Sweet Heat"

Like Hot Sauce? - Then you have to try our Carlsbad Gourmet Strawberry Hot Sauce.

It's the Fresh Pureed Strawberries that give this one of a kind hot sauce, its truly unique taste. In Fact, over 25% of the ingredients are fresh Carlsbad Strawberries.

With the first bite you'll taste the "Sweet" of the fresh strawberries, and then the "Heat" from the fresh Habaneras. Afterwards, the heat simply fades away leaving you wondering, "WOW", what just happened.

"Sweet Heat" is what we call it! One taste and you'll swear it is the BEST Hot Sauce you ever tasted.

The base of this Hot Sauce recently won an award in Louisiana, Hot Country!! Absolutely Wonderful!

Great on eggs, steaks, fish, poultry, tacos, chips, pizza and I'm told, even ice cream. How about it! Hot Ice Cream?

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